Scientific Committee
    • Lucas Alados y Francisco José Olmo, Univ. de Granada
    • Marta Almeida, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa
    • Célia Alves, Univ. De Aveiro
    • Begoña Artiñano, Ciemat
    • Ana Isabel Calvo, Univ. León
    • Jose L. Castillo, UNED
    • Mário Cerqueira, Univ. Aveiro, Portugal
    • Maria João Costa, Univ. Évora, Portugal
    • Jose A Garcia Orza, Univ. Miguel Hernandez de Elche
    • Pedro L. García Ybarra, UNED
    • Francisco Gómez Moreno, Ciemat
    • Ignacio Gonzalez Loscertales, Universidad de Málaga
    • Jordi Grifoll, Univ. Rovira i Virgili
    • Cristina Gutierrez-Cañas, Univ. del País Vasco
    • Francisco José Olmo, Univ. de Granada
    • Teresa Moreno, IDAEA-CSIC
    • Casimiro Pio, Univ. de Aveiro
    • Xavier Querol, IDAEA-CSIC
    • Jesús Rodríguez Maroto, Ciemat
    • Sergio Rodriguez, AEMET
    • Joan Rosell, Univ. Rovira i Virgili
Organizing Committee IDAEA-CSIC
    • Andres Alastuey
    • Fulvio Amato
    • Marina Ealo
    • Teresa Moreno (Chair)
    • Noemi Perez
    • Xavier Querol (Chair)
    • Cristina Reche
    • Ioar Rivas
    • Garay Sosa (Logistics)
    • Gloria Titos
    • Aurelio Tobias
    • Cristina de Vasconcelos (Management)
    • Mar Viana


The conference will aim to bring together experts from multiple fields such as aerosol science, instrumentation, health, and standardization, among others. Thus the topical areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

    • Aerosols and air quality
    • Aerosols and climate
    • Aerosol based nanotechnology
    • Aerosol chemistry
    • Aerosol filtration
    • Aerosol instrumentation
    • Aerosol modelling
    • Aerosol standards
    • Atmospheric aerosols
    • Aerosol-cloud interactions
    • Bioaerosols
    • Black Carbon measurements and problematics (special session)
    • Combustion aerosols
    • Commuting, transport environments
    • Electrical effects
    • Exposure assessment
    • Fundamental aerosol physics
    • Health aspects of aerosols
    • High temperature aerosols
    • Indoor aerosols
    • Industrial aerosols
    • Medical aerosols and nanoparticles
    • Mitigation strategies
    • Pharmaceutical aerosols
    • PMx
    • Radioactive aerosol
    • Source apportionment

We are pleased to invite you to the Aethalometer Intercomparison Workshop that will be held from 26 to 30th of June, the week before the RICTA Meeting. This workshop will be conducted by Dr. Grisa Mocknik and will focus on evaluating the instruments precision by comparing Black Carbon concentration measurements obtained from the different Aethalometers currently operating at the Iberian Peninsula. The goal of this workshop is to improve the accuracy of BC concentration measurements and achieve high quality data sets.

With this aim, a general overview of the instrument characteristics such as flow checks, leakage, different calibrations and maintenance will be performed during the intercomparison. Participants will have the opportunity to experience hands-on training on operational and technical issues related to the instrument. There is no registration fee for workshop participants and all necessary materials will be provided. The workshop will take place in the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research institute (IDAEA-CSIC).

Please, confirm your attendance to the workshop via email to Participants are required to provide the model and serial number of the Aethalometers that will be involved in the intercomparison, as well as a brief description of the operating sampling site. A draft agenda of the workshop and proceedings will be provided in the upcoming weeks.