As in previous editions of RICTA, the participation of young researchers is especially encouraged, with awards for best poster and PhD thesis.

Poster Award Aimed to distinguishing the best poster presented at RICTA2017.

The presenting author must be present at the poster during the poster session to address any questions by the Poster Prize evaluation panel on the poster.
A PDF version of the poster should be sent to Deadline June 26, 2017.
Selection process
The Poster Prize Committee will evaluate the submitted posters and select the winner, based on the following criteria:

  • Content and Relevance: How well does the poster content fit within the conference topics and aims?
  • Clarity: Is the main contribution from the poster clear? How well does the poster present key features and findings of the investigation?
  • Presentation: Is the poster attractive and appealing? Does it draw the reader in and make him/her interested in the topic? Does the poster present an appropriate amount of information at an appropriate depth? Are the graphics, photographs and text clear and easily legible from a reasonable distance?
  • Questions and Discussion: Did the poster presenter have a clear understanding of the topic? Were clear answers provided to the committee questions during the discussion? Did the presenter use the poster to illustrate answers questions?

Poster Prize Committee

Alberto Cazorla (Universidad de Granada)
Cristina Reche (IDAEA-CSIC)
Ioar Rivas (CREAL)


PhD Thesis Award Aimed at distinguishing an outstanding PhD thesis in any aspects of Aerosol Science and Technology.

PhD thesis defended between 15 June 2016 and 14 June 2017, which has received a grade Excellent Cum Laude. The dissertation should have been defended in a Portuguese or Spanish University and may be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English. The applicant or supervisor must be registered in RICTA2017.
Applicants should submit the following documentation:

  1. Thesis in PDF format.
  2. An extended abstract (up to 5 pages) of the dissertation, including precise keywords.
  3. A CV of the candidate, including a list of publications connected with the thesis.
  4. Certificate(s) attesting the Institution that awarded the degree, date of defense and grade.
  5. Copy of the candidate identity card.

All information should be sent in electronic format in a single compressed file (e.g. zip) to Deadline: June 19, 2017)

Selection process
The PhD Thesis Prize Committee, appointed by the organizing committee, will evaluate the applications and select a winner based only on the documentation provided in the applications, and taking the following criteria into account:

  • Originality and novelty of the thesis problem.
  • Scientific impact of the research.
  • Contributions of the dissertation to the field of Aerosol Science and Technology.
  • Impact onto related fields.
  • Publications associated with the thesis.
  • Presentations at technical conferences of the thesis work.
  • Other relevant merits considered by the evaluation committee.

PhD Thesis Committee

Célia Alves (Universidade de Aveiro)
Fulvio Amato (IDAEA-CSIC)
Begoña Artiñano (Ciemat)

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